Life at

We are quirky creatives and determined taskmasters intent on having an impact.

It’s special to be an Artisan. We are a passionate lot. We care about the work we produce, how we show up in the world, and our connections to each other.

A day in the life at Artisan will absolutely include silliness in a Slack channel, troubleshooting something, and celebrating each other’s big and small wins. It might include a costumed virtual event, a day off to volunteer, or in-person time with another Artisan (something we treasure as a distributed team.)

Though we build content that ultimately belongs to our clients, we light up when we think of all the things we’ve helped people know how to DO.  

  • Breastfeed premature babies.
  • Monitor and evaluate a relief effort for an international NGO.
  • Teach PE teachers how to use soccer to improve health outcomes in their communities. 
  • Provide sedation for children outside of an operating room.
  • Use safe practices in technology to protect their organization.
  • Become smarter investors.
  • Provide home visiting services to underserved communities. 
  • Identify and apprehend shoplifters in a retail store.
  • Search for and screen staff and faculty at a state university.
  • Respectfully engage with a patient who is different from you.
  • Offer guidance and resources to people seeking financial help at a library.
  • Prepare taxes (for free) to aging adults.  
  • Personalize care for cancer patients.
  • Treat transgender patients with dignity and respect. 
  • Have difficult conversations. 
  • Give feedback to employees. 
  • Navigate computer systems. 
  • Protect themselves from deadly viruses.
  • Ensure professional journals are written with diversity, equity, and inclusion in mind. 
  • Provide support to healthcare peers dealing with a tragic medical outcome.
  • Integrate social cohesion and justice into their relief work globally. 
  • Manage a shelter for people displaced from their homes. 
  • Fill out the proper form correctly to ensure relief shelters have enough supplies.
  • Sell cruises. 
  • Process donations for resale. 
  • Put people with barriers to employment back to work. 
  • Be financially literate. 
  • Tack weld a clip angle to a steel beam.
  • Code medical records.
  • Troubleshoot jet engine failures.
  • Mentor athletes.
  • Lead a sales organization.
  • Protect their organization from cyber attacks.
  • Resolve customer complaints on the phone.
  • Insure fine art.
  • Promote electric co-ops.
  • Create diverse and inclusive medical workplaces.
  • Implement self-care on the job.
  • Align their work and life.
Down to business at our annual meeting.
Jenga looks like it’s going to get the best of Mandy.
Winning prizes is fun!
On-location video shoot. 

Core Values

We’re knowledgeable and helpful. 

We accept the challenge to be great.

We’re all in. 

We’re a company people want to be a part of.

We do the right thing. 

Our Pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility

We reflect our core values through our belief statements extending our reach to society at large.


Focus: Our Planet
We make positive environmental contributions through our behaviors and support of environmental causes.


Focus: People
We practice ethical behavior through the equitable treatment of all. We view accessibility as an ethical imperative in our operations and in the products we create. 


Focus: Society and Community
We actively make the world and society a better place. 


Focus: Spending
We want our business operations to impact the environment, people, and society in a positive way.