Intentional Curriculum Design

Build your learning curriculum based on a sound strategy.

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Are you designing a curriculum or stringing together courses, hoping they work well together?

You are not alone! This is a familiar challenge to us. Whether you are reverse engineering an onboarding plan you inherited or you are embarking on brand new content, developing a strategy and a plan is paramount to your success.

Artisan Learning’s team is well-versed in helping your Learning and Development team develop a strategic and comprehensive approach to learning. We can help you align your learning vision with your underlying business drivers. From there, we’ll collaborate with you to connect the on-the-job actions it takes to meet that vision and deliver a curriculum design that puts your learners in the perfect position to meet your business goals.

Get from Vision to Execution

This process sometimes feels like remodeling your home. You are living in one reality and envisioning another. And realizing that vision is a messy process—with so many decisions to make along the way. We can help!

Clarify Outcomes

Hint: Outcomes are not courses! What will be different for the learner and the business when people complete this curriculum? What does success look like?

Break Down the Process

What’s the best way for your learners to get to those outcomes? For example, in onboarding, what do they need to be able to do in the first 90 days? We’ll start there!

Focus on Actions and Mindsets

Too often, curriculum maps start with course titles. The course title is irrelevant until we know what mindsets we need to impact and what actions will lead to your intended outcomes.

Build the Plan

We’re making the complex sound simple. It’s not! We’ve done this work with a few hours of content to hundreds of hours. Once we have your outcomes, the process, and actions, we have the experience to create cohesive learning journeys.