Frequently Asked Questions

A bit more information in case you need it.

That’s the million dollar question. And the answer is “it depends.” Depends on what? Quality is the biggest factor that affects pricing. Other factors are timeline, volume, and what kind of learning product you’re looking for. If we could give you a tidy pricing guide, we would. But then we couldn’t call ourselves a custom shop! Tell us what you are hoping to accomplish and we’ll price your custom project.

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This is hard to answer without knowing the scope of the project. Our shortest projects (typically maintenance work) can be done in a matter of weeks. Our largest projects are multi-year endeavors. All that to say, building high-quality learning that affects business outcomes isn’t an easy process. Investing the time results in a more effective product.

We partner with your subject-matter experts to teach your content effectively. Our expertise is in adult learning. It’s the combination of the two that makes for powerful, actionable learning. Let’s be honest, you’ve experienced bad training from someone who knows a lot about the subject, right? Don’t you wish you knew us then?

We will take any source material you have. If you don’t have any, that’s fine. Mostly, we need to know what you want this learning to accomplish. You can bet on us asking something like, “How will you know this course is successful?” If you can answer that, give us a call. We’ll take it from there. 

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We are proficient in all the major authoring tools. And we’re confident enough to say we can learn any new tool quickly. That said, most of our clients use Articulate 360 tools, so most of our e-learning work is developed in Storyline or Rise.

We do not. We chose the custom path when we started the business, and it’s working for us.

Yes. We will send you all source files and everything we used to make the course. That said, if you need updates in the future, we’re happy to help.

Because we build it custom for you, you have the copyright.

We are not. The custom courses we build often live on our clients LMSs, but that is not a service we provide.

Like everyone in our industry, we’re exploring AI and its impact on learning. We have used AI for audio in projects, as well as generating mood boards and images. Here’s what we can promise you. You will know and approve of any AI used in your course. And if you’re not a fan, we’ve been doing this since 2004, and we’re good at it all by ourselves.

No, our instructional designers build materials, including comprehensive instructor guides, for your team to use when delivering courses live or virtually.

Yes, as long as you have the source files for a course, we can generally help you.

Your subject matter experts bring their industry and content expertise. We apply our instructional design expertise in collaboration, such that our work spans virtually any industry or content area.

Take a look at our portfolio here. And if you’re interested in seeing more, give us a call.