Ongoing Support & Course Maintenance

Like our cars, learning products need regular maintenance

Tune up your course

Maintenance Work

Do you have courses with outdated information? Broken links? Old branding? Obsolete resources? This isn’t the kind of work you want to give an internal resource (if you have one). Let us spruce up those courses for you. 

Let’s Talk

Update old courses

As authoring tools update, they stop supporting content built in old versions. When Artisan updates, we do a full quality assurance process to ensure your content stays intact and looks just the way you want it. 

Make Content changes

No matter how we try to keep content evergreen, things change. When you need to delete, change, or add content to a course in your library, let us help. You bring the changes you want; we make them, you approve the changes and we get your course made in circulation. 

Rebrand your courses

The marketing department changes your corporate branding, instantly outdating all of your existing courses. No problem. We’re here to help. We’ll give your course and material a makeover and get them looking like new. 

Upgrade learner experience

Sometimes there’s nothing technically wrong with a course, but it’s just tired. Capitalizing on new design ideas, incorporating user feedback, or just freshening things up can result in more effective learning from an existing course.