Harness the power of social learning in the world of remote work.

Employees seek community and connection at work, and Learning & Development departments want their learning to foster those connections. This is challenging across departments or locations, particularly with distributed teams. Enter cohort-based learning.

At Artisan, we love that workforce training embraces this model once thought of only in higher education. We accept the challenge to build engaging, multi-modality content that allows learners to connect with each other and with an instructor or coach. 

Show me what it’s like

Cohort Learning

Curious to know what cohort learning may be like for your team? Here is a sample of a week-in-the-life of a cohort learner.

Let’s Talk

Prep (5 min)

Watch a short video to prepare for this week’s virtual instructor-led training (VILT).

Live Training (40 min)

Attend live VILT with expert trainer.

Regular Check-Ins (15 min)

Meet with your accountability partner regarding last week’s assignment.

Interactive Updates (5 min)

Watch an explainer video on new content.

Engagement with Cohort (15 min)

Interact with your cohort on the discussion board (with specific prompt questions).

Application of Material (30 min)

Apply your learning with an assignment based on your personal case study.

Coaching (30 min)

Attend a midterm check-in coaching call.