We are a team of crazy-smart people who build learning your team wants to take.

While our titles are things like project manager, lead developer, and writer, we are way more than that. We like to call ourselves creators, partners, and really awesome humans.

People say experience is the best teacher, but someone else’s experience is really the best teacher. We put our experience to work on behalf of our clients every day.

Meet the
Artisan Team

A creative and driven bunch.

Brand Manager

Brooke Wood

Camp coffee enthusiast & dirt road explorer
Melissa Little headshot


Melissa Little

Dog lover and chef to humans


Peter Poulos

Pain is temporary; film is forever
Shantia Reese Headshot

Project Manager

Shantia Reese

Cautiously optimistic, cultural activist, jovial ambivert
Rebecca Schwartz headshot

Lead Instructional Designer

Rebecca Schwartz

Still feeding her pandemic sourdough starter
Jill Marshall headshot

Lead Instructional Designer

Jill Marshall

Water lover, archaeologist, storyteller supreme
Diane Elkins headshot

Director of Firepower

Diane Elkins

Obsessive flower gardener and color-coding freak
William Everhart Headshot

Lead Developer

William Everhart

Adobe Creative Suite Swiss Army Knife


Danielle McGovern

Outgoing introvert and dedicated jigsaw puzzler
Makayla Ross headshot

Project Manager

Makayla Ross

Musicophile, aspiring polyglot, fluent in adventure
Tammi Ritter Headshot

Director of Project Management

Tammi Ritter

Film fan, sitcom snacker, dog lover
Greg Duncan headshot

VP, Operations

Greg Duncan

Top down year round

Project Specialist

Amie Miller

Board game enthusiast and hockey lover
Rachelle Anness headshot

Lead Developer

Rachelle Anness

Messy perfectionist and extroverted homebody
Rachel Snyder headshot

Lead Instructional Designer

Rachel Serago

Creative polymath, trivia whiz, pop culture nerd
Mandy Logsdon headshot

Developer, WCAG Specialist

Mandy Logsdon

Versatile actor and diligent goofball
Artisan Learning President, Amy Morrisey


Amy Morrisey

Swiftie…yeah, I said it.
Jordan Kowalenko headshot

Instructional Designer

Jordan Kowalenko

Hockey mom, Bob Ross enthusiast, avid hiker
Katie Scherer headshot

Project Manager

Katie Scherer

Forever searching for the best chocolate chip cookie
Heather Wilson headshot


Heather Wilson

Amiable, word-loving, party planner


Katie Schwieter

Storm spotter, board gamer, ally, and night owl
Chad Pierce headshot

Lead Developer

Chad Pierce

Woodworker, off-roader, BBQ connoisseur
Stephen Dyer Headshot

VP, Production

Stephen Dyer

Reliable voter packing two saddlebags of small town wisdom
Stephanie Debone Headshot


Stephanie Debone

Lover of words, music, snow, and waves
Artisan Learning team members in matching yellow shirts are seated together at a conference.


We were founded by women and are owned by women. It’s in our DNA, but it’s also nice to be recognized. Check out our certifications! Read more about them here.

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