Certified! Proud to be Recognized (Again) as a Women-Owned Business

These days it seems like certifications are a dime a dozen. Click enough boxes, send a check, and you can be certified as a party planner, happiness coach, beer judge, or even a Pokémon professor. Of course, there are also highly sought-after business certifications with challenging qualifications and significant value. Artisan Learning is immensely proud to have received two such certifications again recently.

Our ownership team is Diane Elkins, Desiree Pinder, and Amy Morrisey. Being a business founded and owned by women is in our DNA. It’s been a part of who we are for 20 years, so pursuing related certifications is a logical goal. For Artisan president and co-owner, Amy Morrisey, it’s both a professional and personal priority. “It’s important that women are represented in all aspects of business – and female entrepreneurs are no different. While the number of women-owned businesses is growing, we still don’t have parity with male-owned businesses in important areas like funding and favorable interest rates. I’m so proud of our founding owners and feel it is important to leverage their risk-taking 20 years ago.”

Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Certification. This significant certification is part of the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program, administered by the Small Business Administration of the federal government. It is designed to provide a level playing field for women business owners. In addition to recognizing an organization’s status as a women-owned business, it allows Artisan to compete for federal contracts set aside for this program.  

Certified Small Business Administration Women-Owned Small Business

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Certification. The WBENC notes that this certification is “the most widely recognized and respected national certification for women-owned businesses in the United States.” It provides Artisan with access to corporations and government entities that place a premium on supplier diversity. It also provides opportunities for targeted education, development, and recognition.

Certified Women's Business Enterprise National Council

While these certifications matter to Artisan Learning partners and clients, they’re also significant to Artisan employees. Director of Project Management, Tammi Ritter, has been with Artisan for over 10 years. “Working for a woman-owned business means I see firsthand the positive impact of diverse leadership. At Artisan Learning, women’s voices are not just heard but are instrumental in shaping the company’s direction.”

Both certifications have arduous application processes and extensive requirements that must be met annually. While it’s a lot of work for companies like Artisan to achieve these certifications, high standards ensure that the status is only given to the most qualified organizations. Artisan co-founder and co-owner, Diane Elkins, is naturally proud and sees even greater significance. “On the surface, these certifications are about validating who owns the company. But they are so much more. I hope they help inspire other women to act on their dreams and goals of starting their own businesses.”

Tammi Ritter Headshot
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