We start intentionally

We begin our collaborative process with smart, creative design thinking.

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You bring us a learning challenge.

We apply curiosity and imaginative thinking to that challenge.

We work tirelessly to get to the heart of your business goals and learners’ needs.

We probe. We question. We course correct. And we do it all over again until we know enough to start generating creative solutions. We call this passion for starting off strong “leading with firepower.” And we use it to fuel everything we do for you. 

We focus on meaningful change.

Our job is to help your people know what to DO.

Once our team truly understands your needs, we work with your subject-matter experts to uncover what learners need to do. For example, a pediatric nurse who takes the diversity course needs to take specific actions to treat each patient with respect. Our instructional designers uncover these actions and design meaningful and actionable learning activities.

Collaboration brings your project to life.

The process is iterative and collaborative—a partnership that combines your content expertise with our design expertise.

We’re a custom shop. Your project is unique. We do the heavy lifting to create a powerful learning experience. You review the content, visual design, and all the details that make the project yours. We work together every step of the way.

With custom learning, your team knows what to do.

When we do our job well, your team does theirs well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We are not. The custom courses we build often live on our clients LMSs, but that is not a service we provide.

Yes, as long as you have the source files for a course, we can generally help you.

Your subject matter experts bring their industry and content expertise. We apply our instructional design expertise in collaboration, such that our work spans virtually any industry or content area.


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