Tiffany & Co. Shoplifting

Project Overview

Tiffany & Co. wanted to reimagine its annual shoplifting compliance training for the Security Team. 

Completing the annual compliance training on shoplifting had become rote for Tiffany’s team of security professionals. The course had been around a long time, and most employees had taken it so many times, they no longer had to pay attention.

While Tiffany wasn’t trying to solve a shoplifting problem in their stores, they were interested in making something fresh, different, and most importantly, engaging. We partnered with Tiffany to gamify the experience and add a dose of surprise and delight along the way.


We gamified Tiffany’s core process of identifying and apprehending shoplifters in their retail stores. Learners had to pay attention, apprehend the appropriate target, and save the brand from bad publicity. 

Surprise and Delight

The course opens with a custom game called “Catch It” that mirrors Tiffany’s policies on apprehension. (But we don’t tell the learner that’s what we’re doing just yet!)

Custom Video

We shot live video in a Tiffany retail store to simulate real-life decision making. The setting mirrors what they see every day creating a perfect environment for the learner to apply the course to their job.

Consequence-Based Learning

We played out the consequence of getting it wrong. Tiffany is recognized as one of the strongest brands in the world. Getting this wrong could create a public relations nightmare. 

Awards & Recognition

This course won the Best Use of Surprise and Delight at Training Magazine’s Gamicon.

GamiCon Winner - Best use of surprise and delight in gamification design

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