Pryor Learning Solutions

Using microlearning as an interactive tool to focus on practice and application.

Project Overview

Pryor Learning Solutions wanted several micro-learning pieces to supplement an existing e-learning curriculum.

We created a set of interactive infographics, learning games, branching scenarios, skills and drills, and more. We designed them so that they could stand alone, but when paired with Pryor’s existing e-learning curriculum, they are powerful, just-in-time tools that not only reinforce the curriculum but focus on practice and application.

Pryor Plus Library – Microlearning

By focusing the topic and keeping the goal of practical application in the forefront of the design process, we created microlessons that do way more than just gloss over a topic.  

Our Microlearning Philosophy

Microlearning isn’t about reducing time; it’s about narrowing the focus of the learning to one thing. So we taught “How to Give Feedback” (narrow focus), not “How to Manage People” (broad focus).

Making Learning Memorable

We used several techniques to create memorable experiences. For example, Skills and Drills is just like it sounds–repetition on one subject ingrains the skill. Our games included mnemonic devices to aid memory.

All Kinds of Learning Tools

We did not want everything we created to be e-learning. We built helpful infographics and designed posters for the breakroom. One of our favorites was a decision tree on whether to have a meeting! Learning comes in many forms. This project allowed us to play in lots of them!

Sample screen capture from the course with the title, "Email Etiquette." The learner can select different tips to learn more about each.
Sample screen capture from the course with the title, "Helping Others Solve Problems." The learner is given details about a situation and is asked to choose a response.
Sample screen capture from the course with the title, "Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand." There is a list of five tasks and the learner is asked to identify each as a rock, pebble, or sand.