Tiffany & Co. Active Shooter Training

Immersive Video-Based Learning for a Sensitive Subject

Project Overview

We worked with Tiffany & Co. to create a realistic, immersive experience to prepare their employees in the event of an active shooter.

Often in learning and development, we are asked to build skills or change behavior. We help learners practice the skill or behavior so they can apply it to their jobs in the real world. For example, if you want your employees to be better writers, we would design activities that allowed them to practice and give them feedback.

In this case, we were training people on something we hope they never have to do. Our creative team determined that we wanted to tap into their emotional memory. In other words, we wanted to create an experience that made them feel like they were in this horrible situation so that if it happened to them in the future, they could “remember” what they did the last time. 

Active Shooter

We created an immersive experience for Tiffany & Co. to ingrain RUN, HIDE, FIGHT into their employees.

Real-Life, Painful Choices

As learners navigate the course, they make hard choices, like leaving a colleague who chooses to hide instead of run. 

First Person, Live Action VIdeo

We chose to film live actors playing Tiffany employees in a break room. To immerse the learner, we shot the video as if the learner were in the room and capturing the scene on their phone.  

Customized for Different Learners

The course was deployed in the U.S. and the European Union to both managers and frontline employees. We had the learner select their country and role in the beginning and served customize content based on their answers.

Sample screen capture from the course. A person is taking video with a cell phone. The text says "You are sitting in the breakroom at work when you hear gunshots; you grab your mobile phone and begin filming."
This illustration puts the learner as close to the situation as possible.
Sample screen capture from the course. The learner is shown a map of the store and is asked if they choose to run or hide.
This illustration allows the learner to make decisions based on the situation.
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