U.S. Soccer Foundation & US Youth Soccer

Using soccer to improve children’s physical and mental health and overall well-being in underserved communities.

Project Overview

Powered by the U.S. Soccer Foundation and US Youth Soccer, Artisan built K-8 curriculum that is aligned to national standards and flexible enough to fit into any physical education schedule.

U.S. Soccer Foundation is committed to transforming children’s lives. They provide evidence-based soccer programs that instill hope, foster well-being, and help youth achieve their fullest potential. They partnered with US Youth Soccer, the largest youth sport organization in the country, who is on a mission to provide world-class support, resources, and leadership in the world of soccer. 

Soccer for Success is offered in a variety of formats for schools. Artisan’s challenge was to develop a turnkey program that helps educators integrate soccer into their physical education classrooms. They wanted high-quality, realistic training. They didn’t want highly staged small groups acting out drills. They wanted the experience to feel like a gym class. If it didn’t ring true to the teachers taking it, the message would be lost. 

Soccer for Success

We used a documentary style narrative along with motion graphics and scenario-based challenges to convert an in-person experience into a robust self-paced course.

Powerful Video Assets

We brought together an expert educator, a World Cup Soccer athlete, and real kids in a hot gym to create exciting and true-to-life video.

Motion Graphics for Reinforcement

After learners watched the live drills, we reinforced the learning with simple motion graphics.

Practice Scenarios

This wasn’t passive training. Learners worked through scenarios that mimicked the day-to-day challenges of being a P.E. teacher.